We are more than a church.

We are a community of individuals with similar values but varied backgrounds.

Because we value one another, we don’t resign to only seeing each other on Sunday. Continuing conversations and experiencing things together makes us stronger as individuals and closer as a community. Because of this, we offer multiple ways to get involved as you feel led.

We are constantly thinking of new ways to involve members and encourage others to have their voices heard, so we welcome any new ideas for group activities!


We don’t just talk to God on Sundays, and we don’t just talk to each other on Sundays either!

Members and leaders of the church meet often for Bible studies, book discussions and social events. While the time, date and location can vary, you can be sure food and laughter is always involved!

Small Group Interest Form

Interested in trying out a small group? All you need to do is enter your name, email, and availability/city and we will try our best to pair you with a small group that fits your needs!


God has a place for everyone, young and old! Hope Church has multiple generations of families who attend, and we are proud of that. We are happy to welcome children of all ages to join us for worship every Sunday. 

In addition, children between four and eleven years old are invited to join our Life Inside and Out (I/O) ministry after the sermon, and special Saturday evening I/O events are hosted once a month. I/O events allow our young members to learn about the Bible, one another and themselves as they grow and develop their relationship with God. 

Parent and Child Accommodations

We want your entire family to feel welcome and comfortable here. During our Sunday service, we offer free childcare for children up to two years old in our nursery. We also have a private nursing mothers room and a baby changing station in our family bathroom.


You can never be too young to learn about God and study the Bible. Our student ministry, or youth group, is tailored toward middle and high schoolers. 

Each Sunday evening from 6:30 to 8 p.m. EST is our youth group meeting at the church. During this time, young members can have some fun, eat some food and learn about how lessons from the Bible can be applied to everyday life. 

In a world of challenges, our youth group provides young people with an opportunity to ask honest questions about real problems. We don’t have all the answers (that’s why we rely on faith, after all), but we shed light on all questions and uncertainties with the Bible as our guide.


We host many events at our church, from Sunday service, to youth group, to weddings and more. In addition to being a place for our community to gather, our church is also the location of worship for these organizations:

  • Hope Hmong Church
    The Hmong Church has met at Hope Church since June of 1996. Services are held every Sunday morning in the chapel at 10:45 am.

  • Ruah Church
    The Ruah Church meets in the chapel at 6 pm. on Sundays.

  • Hope City Church
    The Hope City Church meets in the sanctuary at 9 am. and 11 a.m. on Sundays.

  • Creative Living Bible Study
    Creative Living has met at Hope Church since 1978. The Creative Living Bible Study is a non-denominational Bible study meeting every Wednesday at 10 am. during the school year that is committed to assisting each person with understanding the Christian faith.


At Hope Church, we value our ability to give back to our community and the communities of others.

In our missions programs we are passionate about helping people here at home in Indiana and away in other cities, like Chicago, and other countries, like India, Germany and more.

The projects and missions we complete for different organizations vary, but the way we complete them – with full, humble hearts – does not.

To contribute to our ongoing mission efforts, click here for online donation, or email
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